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Hey! I’m Kate.

I’m a Canadian designer and strategist. I work with companies to develop their brands – and grow their businesses – through a blend of strategy, design, and web marketing. I’m sort of obsessed with brand psychology and how it affects our buying habits.

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6 Reasons You Need a Brand Manager

You may have heard of a brand manager before. You may have even considered hiring one yourself. Either way, a brand manager is an invaluable asset for any business.   And I’m going to share why. But first..   What is a brand manager anyway?   A brand manager is the...

Should you opt for a single page site?

Should you opt for a single page site?   The beauty of a website is that it can take on nearly any size. I’ve designed and built websites with 200 pages, 5 pages and of course single page sites. Each served their own purpose.   The single page site is (you guessed it)...

Why your target audience isn’t everybody

  When asked who they’re targeting, it’s not uncommon for a business owner to say, “Well, everyone”. I mean, why would you want to leave anybody out and risk missing out on clientele? I get it, it’s tempting. But the reality is, the risks that come with targeting...