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What should I expect from an initial consultation?

An initial consultation generally takes place over the phone or in-person. We’ll discuss your goals, your challenges, and needs so that I can properly assess your requirements and suggest the best course of action for your brand.

I don’t live in your city – can we work together?

Yes! Because I work remotely, I’m able to work with people regardless of where they live. In fact, I’ve worked with many companies from outside of Ottawa – notably Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As long as we can communicate via phone, email and the occasional video call/screen share, we’re good to go.

How long will it take?

Project timelines can range from 3-12 weeks. Timelines can vary based on the size of the project, the complexity of the project, and deadlines.

Why work with someone independent over an agency?

While I do have overhead costs like any business, my overhead costs are lower than agencies. Because of this, I’m able to keep my prices affordable to small and medium-sized businesses. My process when working with clients is collaborative and I offer a one-on-one, personalized approach that just isn’t possible with an agency.

How much do you charge?

Projects and consultation are billed either hourly or per project (a package rate). The cost of a project can vary depending on the scope of work, timeframe and budget. My hourly rate is currently $100CAD+HST.

Do you just design websites or do you build them too?

I design and build websites. I build sites on the WordPress platform, and occasionally Shopify. I’m well versed in HTML, CSS and Javascript. When a more complex site requires another type of code, I work with developers who are well-versed in other languages to make it happen.

Can you help me write the content for my new website?

Of course! I often write web copy for the websites I design. Because of my background in web design and marketing and my passion for writing, I have a fairly solid understanding of how copy should flow in a website and reflect a company’s brand. Web copywriting is available as an add-on for all web projects.

When you build a website, do your costs cover hosting?

Because hosting is an ongoing charge (either billed to you monthly or annually by a hosting company), I do not cover hosting in my costs. However, I recommend Zetaserve to all of my clients as they provide excellent service and great prices that you won’t see with the big hosting companies.

What happens after the project? Will you be able to help me?

I offer ongoing post-project support, as well as brand management. This can include anything from updating web images and text to preparing blogs, email blasts and social media posts. With brand management services you can be sure that your brand’s integrity will remain intact. These services are available as-needed (billed hourly) or on a package basis based on your needs.

What is your process?

Over the years I’ve developed a process that allows for a smooth workflow and open communication at all stages. If you’d like to learn more about my process, click here.

Do you do this full time?

Yes! After studying graphic design at Algonquin College in Ottawa, I worked as a designer and marketing coordinator for a property management company, and later on as a designer in the private sector. I moonlit as a freelancer for years until in October 2016, I took the plunge and started my own business. Since then I have been drinking way too much coffee, meeting awesome people and pinching myself daily.

What should I expect in terms of communication?

During a project we will be communicating fairly regularly as it’s a collaborative process. You can expect frequent email updates. We will also have scheduled calls or meetings at each stage of the process to allow for open communication and updates.